The Right Cup - Trick Your Brain Drink More Water

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Trick Your Brain, Drink More Water! - The Right Cup


Whom is it for?


This Cup Will Change The Way You Drink Water Forever!


That's why when your nose is stuffed, you hardly taste any flavors at all.
The overall flavor experience is a result of the combination between scent and taste. While the tongue only tastes 5 sensations (sweet, bitter, sour, salty and umami), it is the sense of smell that's responsible for 80% of the flavor experience.


The Right Cup’s natural fruit aroma combined with a patented sweet taste technology, gives your brain the total perception you are drinking a fruit flavored water.



The aromatic flavor ingredients are added directly into the material of the cup. During the process, the aroma and flavor become integral parts of the cup itself, it is not a coating.


The unique design positions your nose right over the opening, so your nose fully picks up the fruit aroma while your tongue flirts with a hint of sweet taste.


It really works, let’s try it! 
It's for people who drink water but don't enjoy the tasteless experience. It's for people who don't drink enough water because they're addicted to the sweet taste of sugary drinks.



  • It is recommended to hand wash the Right Cup in the sink, with water and soap.
  • It is not recommended to use a dishwasher as this may expedite aroma release.
  • The aroma inside the cup will start to dissipate after it is removed from its protective packaging.
  • You can anticipate the aroma taste effect will last approximately 6 months, although many people may find it lasts much longer.



  • Capacity: 320 ml
  • Dimensions: 81.3 x 113.5 mm
  • Product Weight: 10.8 oz
  • Flavors: Orange, Mixed Berry, Apple, Peach and Cola


Source: The Right Cup

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